What is Hwarang?


TO BE the global leader in community and humanitarian service.


TO EMPOWER volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Hwarang


TO ORGANIZE, charter and supervise service to be known as Hwarang Clubs
TO COORDINATE the activities and standardize the administration of Hwarang Clubs
TO CREATE and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world
TO PROMOTE the principle of good government and citizenship
TO TAKE an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community
TO UNITE the clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding
TO PROVIDE a forum for the open discussion of all matters of public interest, provided, however, that partisan politics and sectarian religion shall not be debated by club members
TO ENCOURAGE service-minded people to serve their community without personal financial reward, and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce, industry, professions, public works and private endeavors


LOVE OF FAMILY : The essential lesson of true love initiates from the family which gives one full support

LOVE OF NATION : The love of nation comes from endearment of the country flag and the national anthem into adherence of loyalty and responsibility and ultimately to the love of its nation

LOVE OF NEIGHBORS : Alongside with the love of family as a member of a community, one will learn to love its neighbors and learn the jubilation of sharing

LOVE OF JUSTICE : The true meaning of justice is to speak of one’s will and not to submit into the wrong faction.

LOVE OF PEACE : Love is about forgiving and reconcile not limited to ethnic group and countries.

Chapters in Hwarang Youth Foundation

History of Hwarang

1.  2006: Established in December of 2006 with 208 members by Howard Park
2.  2007: Palos Verdes, San Fernando Valley
3.  2008: Burbank, Chino Hills
4.  2009: East Land, Redondo Beach, Gateway
5.  2010: Glory, HanCock park, South Bay, Beverly Hills
6.  2011: Green Valley
7.  2012: KOCEN (K-Town Central)
8.  2013: Torrance, Ameridge, East Hills
9.  2014: Sunnyridge, Fleo, Spectrum, Healers
10. 2015: GIVE, Horizon
11. 2016: Socal, Westridge, Sena(Korea), Guatemala, El Salvador
12. 2017: Pioneer, Ukraine, New Zealand, Korea Chadwick, Boston, Hawaii

California(18 chapters and regions)

1. Eastern : East Hills / East Land / Redland
2. Western : Torrance / Palos Verdes
3. Southern : Amerige / Westridge / Sunnyridge / Horizon / Irvine Spectrum / Pioneer
4. Northern : San Fernando Valley / So Cal / Fleo / La Canada Healer
5. Central : Hancock Park / Give / Kocen

National District

ND-1 Arizona
ND-2 Colorado
ND-3 Hawaii
ND-4 Massachusetts (Boston)
ND-5 Northern California

International Multiple District

IND-1 South Korea: Hwarang Sena / Hwarang Wick
IND-2 Latin America : El Salvador / Guatemala / Peru / Mexico
IND-3 New Zealand
IND-4 Ukraine : Ukraine Kairos / UNLU