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Hello my name is Helene Hahn and I am the current President for my chapter Westridge. I have been a part of the Hwarang Youth Foundation since 7th grade and it definitely was one of the best decisions of my life. At first, I joined blindly not knowing how huge of a positive impact this club would have on me. After all the experiences and opportunities this club has provided me, I realized that this club has been what made me grow as a person and a member and it allowed me to portray a better version of myself. I started out as a very introverted person to now, a more open minded and confident leader that tries her best to benefit her community and peers. I hope to influence my members to also become a better version of themselves. Rather than using Hwarang to increase community service hours, I have learned to take advantage and utilize Hwarang to the fullest to help my future and I hope to teach my members to do the same! This club has built the person that I am today and I hope to see myself and my members continue to excel and expand their potential in the future!

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