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Natural Restoration Committee President's message

The Nature Committeeís primary focus is to help the fauna and flora of our environment. We plan to do this through volunteer activities such as restoration, beautification, and trash pick up amongst other things. We will volunteer in many different places including parks, beaches, and nature reserves. Although it is important to meet as a committee, it should also be important to make activity in the committee accessible. Members of the nature committee are not restricted to one site to make it easier for people to volunteer. Because of the nature of this committee, there are not many future plans besides establishing strong roots. This is the first year and so we want to create a strong foundation for future years. Unlike other committees, we donít have progressive goals. We simply want to help the environment and in a larger scope the Earth. In case you were wondering, Iím Wesley Park, the Nature Committee leader. Iím a Junior at Palos Verdes High School. Iím also the P.V. Chapter President. This is the first year of the nature committee. I started it simply because this is a field that I, myself, and several others wanted to volunteer in. Even though neither I nor the other committee members will likely major in environmental science, we would like to make an impact, even a small one. Committee Motto : ďUnless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Itís not.Ē -The Lorax

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