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Journalism Committee President's message

Hello, my name is Stephanie Yeo, and I am the head of the Journalism Committee. I have been a member of the Hwarang Youth Foundation for five years, and it has been an honor to serve this community alongside many members of this foundation. As of this year, I am the new head of this committee, and I am very excited to work with everyone. In this committee, all the members are expected to interact with every chapter of this foundation. This committee is the news coverage of the Youth Foundation, and we will be writing articles, taking pictures, and interviewing key figures during all of our events. We will use these articles, pictures, and interviews to make pamphlets, brochures, and blog posts to share the occurrences within this foundation. In addition, we have a great opportunity to publish our articles on the Korean times; publishing an article is not easy work and will take a lot of your time. However, I am more than one hundred percent sure that publishing your article in the newspaper will feel great and will be beneficial in the future. Journalism Committee is welcome to anyone who is interested in being a writer, blogger, journalist, announcer, photographer, and any other related careers. This committee along with the other committees within the Hwarang Youth Foundation is created in order for the members to experience their favored career paths, so it is crucial for every member to take advantage of this opportunity. Although Journalism Committee will be very busy throughout the year, all the members within this committee will work together as a team to provide the community with the best news coverage highlighting how the Hwarang Youth Foundation has grown throughout the many years as it continues to benefit our community.

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