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Medical Committee President's message

My name is Christine Park, and I am currently a senior at Troy High School. After being a part of this organization for about three years, I realized that the most amazing quality about the Hwarang Youth Foundation is the fact that it provides members the ability to reach out gain experiences related to their career paths. I wanted to take advantage of this, and proceeded to plan for a committee that I knew would be beneficial to a considerable number of aspiring doctors, nurses, and veterinarians who were seeking that crucial hands on experience. Our overarching goals are not only to aid the community with our services but also to equip members who are interested in serving in the medical field with the proper opportunities to develop. One of the main aspects of the medical committee will be volunteering in hospitals. Through the coordination with volunteering programs near Orange County and LA, a select few from the committee will be able to serve every month in patient transfer, visiting patients, delivering lab specimens, and overall exposing themselves to an environment that they wish to a part of for their entire lives. While volunteering at local hospitals will be specific to a set number of mature and qualified Hwarang members, the blood drives that we will be hosting in coordination with the Red Cross is definitely an event in which all members can partake in. By hosting blood drives, Hwarang members will be able to change lives and provide blood supplies for those in need, while utilizing their previous abilities in spreading awareness through their schools. Lastly, the medical committee will also be fundraising for specific philanthropies, one of the main being the supply of more medical equipments for the Vision Care medical missions. After I was able to attend a Vision Care mission in Guatemala, I came to the stark realization that if we were able to afford one more microscope, the number of people whose sight can be renewed would double. Raising money for this cause would leave so much more of an impact on the Guatemalans who are not as fortunate to have the basic eye care services that we have. Through, but definitely not limited to, these three objectives, I believe that Hwarang members will be given the proper opportunities to discover and grow their passions in a field that it quickly growing. I see many good things in our future, and I know that this year will be a success!

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