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Media Committee President's message

My name is Martin Chun, and I am a junior at Fairfax High School. The Media Committee focuses on networking Hwarang through the website and social media. The goal of the committee is to share our experiences with others and make an efficient system, where we utilize social media to help new members explore Hwarang and have existing members use it as a more convenient way to communicate and share ideas. Our committee is responsible for the content uploaded on the Internet to present Hwarang to the world. Currently, our website is the main page to view all of the pictures taken throughout our many services and events, but we plan on using the website for not only uploading pictures, but also to enable members to input their service hours. Also we want create an organization page on Facebook so that all the chapters can be discovered on one page; looking for a chapterís Facebook page would be easier for new members.

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